Caring for the Environment

Eco friendly packaging and catering disposables

The Club has always been conscious of the environment. We have recently switched from using conventional food packaging to using compostable disposables made by Vegware, an award winning UK brand.

Vegware manufactures certified compostable catering disposables made entirely from plastic-free, low-carbon, renewable or recycled materials. Packaging made from plants, not plastic means less carbon. For example, bagasse – recycled sugarcane used to make Vegware’s takeaway boxes contains 99% less carbon than polystyrene!

The Club now uses a wide range of Vegware’s eco products from cutlery to burger boxes to cold cups within their food and beverage services. Vegware Eco Audits calculate the eco benefits of choosing packaging made from plants, not plastic for every order. By switching to Vegware’s eco packaging – the Club is expected to save 3.1 tonnes of carbon, 1 tonne of virgin material and divert a potential 2.2 tonnes of packaging from landfill every year.

With Hong Kong’s landfills expected to be full by 2020 if waste levels continue to increase at the current rate, the need to reduce waste to landfill is crucial and the Club is leading the way in making steps to reduce waste and increase sustainability.