Outside Bodies Enquiry

Facilities available for booking as below
$ X
$300 X Room(s)
$8 X Pieces

Visitor's Rules:
1). Correct footwear must be worn.
2). Organizer must be present throughout the session.
3). Changing rooms and shower facilities are not included in the cost of the facility hire. If the Outside Body would like to use the Changing Room facilities, a Team Changing Room must be ordered. Each Changing Room has a maximum capacity of 15 persons. Maximum of 6 rooms can be ordered.
4). Booking may be subject to cancellation / or rescheduling at short notice.

  • Please fill in and submit to Hong Kong Football Club and you will receive a reply within two days of receipt of this form.
  • Non-Members should make cheques payable to 'Hong Kong Football Club',
  • Cost of hire for facility upon application.