Education Seminar - UK Home Fee Status

Home Fees and Overseas Fees – what’s the difference?
Definition of Home Fee Status – who is eligible?
How do Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands differ?
What about EU Fee Status and Brexit?
How do you apply? How do you support your case?  
Will it affect chances of admission?

in the 1st Floor Meeting Rooms

Thursday 24th January 2019

6.45pm to 7.55pm

60 per Member
80 per Member’s Guest

Please reserve your seat(s) by email at (please state membership no.) or call 9047 2790.

This is the fifth in a series of seminars designed to help families understand some of the challenges that face both students and parents on the transition from school to university.

Each seminar will be delivered by Martin Campion of Campion College Consultancy.

Other Seminars to follow:
• What About Hong Kong?


Martin Campion, Founder and Senior Advisor of Campion College Consultancy

Before starting his own consultancy last year, Martin was Head of Careers and Higher Education at South Island School and for the last 20 years, advised hundreds of students and their families on this transition. For approximately 10 of those 20 years, he also chaired the English Schools Foundation Higher Education Counsellors' Group. He is the only university counsellor in Hong Kong to receive the Council of International Schools annual award to one college counsellor worldwide. In 2016, he also received the Yale Educator Award. Although he has an English accent and his own three children attended UK universities, his experience of N. American Higher Education is deep, with numerous conferences and visits to 148 campuses to date. At the same time, he has advised and supported applications to the UK (including Oxbridge guidance), Hong Kong, Australia and elsewhere for many hundreds of senior students.

Families can count on the fact that he has ‘been there’ as a parent and that he understands the secondary school context of their children.