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From the Desk of Mark Pawley
Mark Pawley,
General Manager
ishing you all a happy and, hopefully,
prosperous 2018. At this time of the
year we all tend to look at reducing our
calorific intake and increasing the level
of exercise we look to do, to try and shed those extra
pounds that invariably we have put on over the Festive
period! This is all good with me but it seems that some
of our Members decided to get their exercise in first
(and their weight loss) before the start of the Festive
Season. Well done to David Shaw for winning the
recent Transformation Challenge (see page 14 for more
information) who managed to lose a whopping 19.4
pounds in weight!
As we move into January, and New Year resolutions,
I would like to remind Members of the Bye-law as
regards the use of Electronic Communication Devices
(ECD’s) on the Club Premises. There have recently been
a few transgressions and therefore it is timely that I
should repeat what the Chairman wrote on this subject
in his magazine article of July/August 2017 which is
very clear.
“Could I remind Members of the rules regarding
Electronic Communication Devices (“ECD”), notably
mobile telephones, as there has recently been
a number of instances, especially around the
Sportsman’s Bar, where Members or their Guests
have been playing music or watching videos and
disturbing other Members. Our rules are clear (and
noted below) and essentially boil down to the fact that
your ECD should be on silent mode wherever you
are in the Club, either inside the building or outside.
If you want to watch a video, use headphones so as
to not disturb other people. Members are not allowed
to make or answer calls or listen to voice mail while
in any facility that is inside the Club building. You
may use the ECD in the outside areas of the Club
to make and receive calls and receive voice mail,
but, again, your ECD must be on silent mode and
video conferencing or having, for example, Facetime
conversations where other Members can hear the
other party to the conversation, are not permissible. If
you want to have a conversation, use head phones.”
I look forward to seeing you all at the Club!
Mark Pawley,
General Manager
Reminder Notice To Members
Bye-law 3.8(1) states that:
The use of Electronic Communication Devices (including but not limited to portable telephones, pagers, wearable technology (e.g. wrist watches with
portable telephone / camera /video capability) and technologies such as voice over internet protocols on computers or similar devices, collectively
referred to herein as the “ECD”) for receiving or making calls or listening to messages is prohibited in all but the following areas of the Club:
In respect of b), c), d), e) and f), ECD must be on silent or vibrate mode and should not emit any audible signal under any circumstances and
for whatever purposes.
(a) The Car Park; and
(b) The infield areas comprising the Pitches, Stands and the area immediately outside the Sportsman’s Bar including the Verandah and Patio area(s); and
(c) The immediate surrounds of the Outdoor Green; and
(d) The Swimming Pool Complex; and
(e) The Coffee Shop Patio area; and
(f) The immediate surrounds of the Tennis Courts 4, 5 and 6.
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