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Club News
n Tuesday 21st November a group of
thirteen volunteers from the Club went
to the Evangelical Lutheran Church
Social Service – Hong Kong (ELCHK), Chung
On Neighbourhood Elderly Centre in Ma On
Shan to share an afternoon with the elders.
The centre has provided comprehensive
elderly services and community support
services to the elderly people living in Chung
On Estate and Kam Fung Court since 2002
to cope with their psychosocial and personal
care needs. The objectives of these services
are not only to assist the elderly to lead a
healthy, respectable and dignified life within
the locality, but also motivating the local
residents to work together to build a stronger
and more caring community. Inside the
centre, they can learn Chinese Calligraphy,
Traditional Chinese painting and some
handicraft making.
The volunteers arrived after lunch and joined
the elders in their activity meeting room to get
acquainted with them. After a bit of socialising,
the elders invited the volunteers to make
paper rolling cards together. Like a wishing
card, these cards are about 5”x 5” in size, all
having the Chinese word “Fortune” on it. Since
the entire card is made with different sizes
and different colours of paper being rolled
together, the outcome looks beautiful, as it is
A meaningful day from the HKFC Staff Caring Committee:
The Gift of Joy
Staff volunteers and the elders happily holding their rolling card
The project was led by many of the tutors,
but the most experienced ones are actually
the elderly people whose social activities are
their daily routines here in the centre. There is
one impressive paper rolling tutor in his 80s,
Master Kim. All of the volunteers were divided
into five groups, each pairing with two elders
who would guide the volunteers to make the
paper rolling cards step-by-step. None of the
volunteers could ever think of the mere usage
of a wide variety of paper, combined with a
skilful sculpture technique, such as folding,
cutting, rolling, stitching, layering or gluing the
papers, so many paper sculptures and other
3 dimensional objects can be rolled out and
turned into colourful blessing decoration cards!
A total of 13 paper rolling blessing cards were
made by each of the volunteers. We learnt that
on the 23rd November, these cards would be
Master Kim led all of the
volunteers to make the special
card as a souvenir to the Club
distributed by the centre in a “Song Ann 15th
Anniversary Celebration and Elderly Birthday
Party” to all the elderlies who are born in the
month of November. In addition, the volunteers
also gave the centre some household goods
for the lucky draw to be held at this celebration
party. Then at the very end of the paper rolling
session, Master Kim led all of the volunteers to
a collective creation, which is a special paper
rolling card on which there are colourful papers
rolled in heart shapes, and papers rolled like
a picture frame, and papers rolled in Chinese
characters. This special card was given to the
Club as a souvenir. It filled the hearts of the
volunteers as well as the elderlies with joy and
warmth because a seemingly simple paper
rolling afternoon had become a not-so-simple
sharing day, the sharing of quality time and
genuine warmth.
The volunteers left the Chung On
Neighbourhood Elderly Centre with plenty
of unforgettable memories. It was a fun and
enriching afternoon, not only for the elders
but also for the volunteers, who all left with a
contented smile on their faces.
Many thanks to all who those who volunteered
their time in this meaningful activity.
For more information on ELCHK, Chung On
Neighbourhood Elderly Centre, please visit
their website at:
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