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Available at the Kiosk
in the Sportsman’s Bar
Family Fun Pasta
Lunch and dinner
In The Restaurant
Saturday Lunch and Sunday Dinner
throughout the month of January
Bring your family together for a little
“create your own” Pasta.
Our “DIY Pasta” menu is a treat for everyone
and your individual pasta creations, brimming
with fresh ingredients, will be freshly cooked by
our Resident Italian Chef Massimo and his team.
Please call the Restaurant at 2830 9562 for
more details.
Nice to
“Meat You”
In the Restaurant
From 6.30pm to 10.30pm
Every night in January
The heat on the US premium meat prevails at the Restaurant
every night and Chef Massimo is firing up his Grill to prepare
succulent Beef steaks.
Brandt Beef – The True Natural, is a single family owned,
premium natural beef producer that is dedicated to sustainable
The Brandt family is passionate about producing the most
consistent, highest quality, 100 percent source verified natural
beef on the market.
You can also enjoy a luscious dessert to round off the feast.
Please contact the Restaurant at 2830 9562 for reservation or
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