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The Thoughts of the Chairman
Michael J. Wood
Dear Members,
he month of December was, as usual, one of the
busiest periods in the Club calendar and thanks
as always must go to our Staff who have worked
hard to ensure that the festivities went smoothly. With
the 2/F renovations completed we have now been able
to get back to normal, to include the New Year’s Eve
Party back in the calender.
The Christmas Fete was very well attended despite the
dull and cooler weather, and there were many happy
families enjoying the festivities with the children clearly
having a great time. The annual Christmas Carols by
The Welsh Male Voice Choir on the 10th December is a
personal favourite of mine, and with the mince pies and
mulled wine, put us very much in the Christmas spirit.
The General Committee has now reviewed the full
results of the Satisfaction Survey which was conducted
by Kadence International. Very shortly, all Members
will be receiving a summary which will be provided by
Kadence, with a brief explanation of the conclusions
to be drawn from Member’s feedback. The full survey,
which runs to 50+ pages will also be available upon
request. Going forward, Kadence will be engaging
Members in a series of small focus groups to present
and discuss the findings in more detail and to solicit
further feedback and comments. We plan to have
this completed by the end of the first quarter of 2019.
Finally, this is intended to be an annual exercise
with results tracked for a more empirical measure of
satisfaction with the Club’s performance.
The photo, above right, was taken on 17th November
2018 and shows four past Chairman of the Club
together in a bar in Edinburgh called Whighams after
the Scotland vs. South Africa match at Murrayfield
Stadium. Although Scotland were edged out of the
match, it was still a celebration given the meeting was
not exactly planned – serendipity perhaps? From left
to right they are; James Collins-Taylor (2003-06), Mike
Moir (1990-92), Alan Brown (2006-08) and Alistair
Macleod (1997-99).
We are now getting close to the Lunar New Year
holiday which occurs from the 5th to the 7th of
February. Ahead of that, the annual
Staff Party will
take place on the evening of Sunday 27th January
with the Club being closed from 5pm that day and
reopening at 9am on Monday 28th January.
For the
Lunar New Year itself, please note that
the Club will be closed from 5pm on Monday
4th February, being closed all day on Tuesday
5th February, and then reopening at 9am on
Wednesday 6th February.
So, please note these dates in your diary.
In closing, on behalf of the General Committee I would
like to wish everyone a very Happy and Prosperous
Year of the Pig.
Kung Hei Fat Choy!
Michael J. Wood
We were saddened to hear the news of the recent passing away of longstanding Members
Donald Watson
Mike Truran
David Wilkinson
Our thoughts and prayers go to their families and friends. May they rest in peace.
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