Food & Beverage

When you expend so much energy on Sports and Recreation, you need to replace it! The Food and Beverage services of the Club do much more than this. Members and their Guests can enjoy a vast array of food and drinks, ranging from the simplest nutritional sandwich to a rich banquet of many courses.

Catering for as large and as varied an audience as possible is a core philosophy, but not at the expense of quality. Using the freshest ingredients available, featuring fresh fruit and vegetables in season, high quality meats and seafood, there are food options to satisfy all tastes, while beverages served can range from fine vintages to high-energy drinks.

These foods and beverages are served from six permanent outlets within the Club that range from bars with simple snacks to a fine dining restaurant. In addition, the banquet services provided to Members offer venues for functions that can range from small children's parties to corporate functions for as many as 2,000 guests.

Friendly, efficient service with just the right amount of informality plus exceptional value for money are two key aspects. Our pricing is set at a level that represents a very real Membership benefit, providing Members with a much lower cost alternative to hotels, restaurants and bars outside the Club.

Variety is also achieved through frequent changes to menus introducing innovative new dishes along with special promotions and dinners featuring foods and wines from around the world. The growth and development of food and beverage outlets themselves is in line with the Club's on-going programme of reinvestment and redevelopment of facilities.

Take a virtual tour through Hong Kong Football Club Food and Beverage facilities and services. We hope it will give you a 'taste' of what's on offer.