*HKFC Corporate Subscriberships For Sale*


The Hong Kong Football Club (HKFC) founded in 1886, situated at the Happy Valley race course, is one of the premier sports clubs in Asia, with world class sports, recreational and food and beverage facilities.
The HKFC is currently offering 50 Corporate Subscriberships  for sale, at a price of HK$3.3m each, to help fund the future renovation of the HKFC.
On purchase of a Corporate Subscribership a company becomes a Corporate Member and is entitled to nominate an individual and their immediate family, to enjoy the benefits of membership of the HKFC.
More information can be obtained by contacting Kerry Ogle, Membership Services Manager on 2830 9502 or by email to membership@hkfc.com.
For information on HKFC facilities please view the website at www.hkfc.com.hk 
Interested parties should submit a written application to: 
The Membership Services Manager 
Hong Kong Football Club, 
3 Sports Road, Happy Valley, 
Hong Kong

This notice does not constitute any commitment by the HKFC to sell the Corporate Subscriberships and HKFC reserves the right not to accept an application to buy for any reason in its absolute discretion.