Beauty & Massage Facilities

Day Spa

Our in-house day spa offers a range of facial and skin care treatments that help to ensure healthy skin. A complete range of the latest Face Care, Body Care, Make-up and Sun Care products, use plant extracts, seaweed and/or active biotechnical principles and essential oils.

Services on offer include Waxing, Golden Bronze Self-Tan or Sunkissed Tan, and Baby Scrub. Bookings can be made at the Club Reception.

Sports Massage Centre

As an active sports Club, we offer our athletes sports massage services that can provide an edge by helping them train more effectively, perform better or overcome injuries sooner. Pre-event massage is used as a supplement to warm-up and post-event massage enhances the body's own recovery process. Other massage services on offer include Lymphatic drainage massage, Shanghainese acupressure, Aromatherapy massage, Swedish body massage, Deep tissue massage, Reflexology and more. Bookings can be made at the Club Reception.