Indoor Sports Hall

Just as the main pitch is the centrepiece of the Club, our Indoor Sports Hall, as the largest indoor facility of the Club, provides a centre for many sports and recreation activities.

The versatility of this unique feature of the Club is one of its great attractions. At 32 metres wide and 40 metres long it is big enough to provide an alternative indoor training facility for three of the Club's core sports: Soccer, Rugby and Hockey. In addition it has been used as a court(s) for competitive local and international Netball matches, organised through the Club's active Netball Division and there is a growing interest in its use for social and competitive Basketball. In fact, a Basketball Society for this purpose, has recently been formed and there is considerable interest too, in forming a Badminton Society as well.

Very often, however, the hall is divided into a multi sports facility with Members playing recreational games of Badminton and Table Tennis. The hall is also used for junior sports activities including Mini Rugby and Soccer, Junior Cricket, Gymnastics and Trampolining, as well as by some that are even younger in 'Gym for Tots' programmes.

Take a look inside the Sports Hall doors or peer in from the second floor viewing balcony, and at any time of the week you may see a five-a-side soccer match, three badminton courts occupied, or a group of toddlers expending some excess energy!

The versatility of this indoor hall even goes beyond sports when our Food and Beverage professionals transform it into an impressive large-scale banqueting hall - check out our banquet offerings for details.