Sport and recreation remain the lifeblood of the Hong Kong Football Club. Representative teams in the five core sports Sections of the Club compete locally and internationally in Rugby Union, Association Football or Soccer, Field Hockey, Squash and Lawn Bowls, while an established Netball Division also fields competitive teams. Growing participation in sports such as Golf and Tennis has created strong societies in these sports and 'mini' versions of key sports, including Mini Rugby, Soccer, Squash and Hockey attract substantial participation from juniors as young as five-year-olds.

Winning in competition is important, certainly to all our representative players and supporters! But recreational sport is given equal standing. It is as important for the Club to win a trophy as it is to have a group of friends enjoying their favourite sport where winning and losing is less important than having fun. Other sports and leisure activities that take place throughout the Club include Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Snooker and Darts, to name but a few. On a typical weekend there may be as many as 1,500 adults and children participating in sports and recreational activities at the Club.

There is little doubt that exercising and training have now developed into a recreation in their own right and, in recognition of this, the Hong Kong Football Club continues to improve and develop its fitness facilities, exercise activities and wellness programmes.

Such is the sporting stature of the Club that it has launched, and hosts, top international sporting events. The famous Hong Kong International Rugby Sevens tournament began life at the Hong Kong Football Club and the Club now hosts the leading ten-a-side rugby event in the world, the Hong Kong Tens. Similarly, the Club created, and now hosts, the increasingly popular Hong Kong Soccer Sevens which attracts current and ex-professional players from around the world, and similar events in other sports are planned for the future.

Explore the superb facilities of the Hong Kong Football Club to see why it is rated as one of the best sporting clubs in Asia. But at the same time check out the activities, competitions and programmes that take place in the various Club Sporting Sections and Societies to see why sport is its heartbeat.

Sports and Activities Booklet for January - June 2018