Lawn Bowls Section

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Lawn Bowls is a sport for all ages, all races, both sexes and for people of any physical build. As a result of this the Lawn Bowls section is one of a diverse range of people who have one common interest, playing the game of Lawn Bowls. With around 200 members, the Section participates in the HKLBA leagues and National competitions as well as organizing internal competitions in all forms of the game on both Outdoor green and Indoor carpet.


The Section’s tradition of organizing Beginner’s Courses for Club members has introduced many people to the game. In addition to this bowlers of some pedigree are welcome to apply for membership to the Club and Section. This ensures we are competitive at every level of the game.


Hong Kong Football Club is one of the leading Lawn Bowls Clubs in Hong Kong and has a long history of participation and success stretching back to 1932 when the Club put down its first bowling green.

Competition is only one aspect of our Section’s mission, the other and of equal importance is that of providing an environment where people can bowl in harmony and friendship, be it in a team or just socially.

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