Women’s Asian Challenge 2017 Champions

At the end of October, four of our very talented players from the Ladies As and Bs jetted off to Brunei to represent Hong Kong in the Women’s Hockey Asian Challenge. Under the expert guidance of Club coach, Arif Ali, the Hong Kong Women’s National Squad managed to not only win the whole tournament (and come home with an enormous trophy!), but they did so without ever conceding a goal. Needless to say, the Hockey Section are incredibly proud of the efforts of our fellow clubmates. Tiffany Chan was named top goal-scorer of the tournament, with an impressive 11 goals to her name in just 5 matches. Melvina Cheng, Yiman Chan and Coby Lau also added to the scoresheet and played some spectacular hockey. Here’s what Tiffany had to say about the experience:

“Trust starts with giving. From the very start of the tournament, we kept this in our minds throughout. 18 players, 4 officials, one team, one dream. As a team, we were clear and determined about what we wanted to achieve; to win the gold, to be the champions, and to dominate in every game.

After some tough, but successful matches in the round robin stage, finals day arrived at last. We had progressed so much as a team to get to that moment. As coach Arif said, “it was the process during the tournament which was more beautiful than the outcome. The entire team had to agree to improve and progress each game, and most importantly to gain trust from each other.”

The pressure was on and there was tension in the air as we stepped onto the pitch for the final against Pakistan. Our nervousness showed as we started off the game a bit slower than usual; the score line staying at 0:0 for the first three quarters. Pakistan had quick, skilful players and appeared to be the better side in the first half. Their counter attacks were causing problems for us, but we managed to minimise the damage and focus on our strengths. Coming back onto the field in the last quarter, it was show time. The goals just came naturally when we overcame our fears and played with confidence and trust. We managed to score 4 goals within ten minutes, enough to secure the gold! All the training, running, and countless gym sessions, just for this moment of victory. No words can describe how great it feels to be part of this winning team.

Standing together as a team by the HKSAR flag and singing the national anthem with the gold medal around my neck was a really emotional moment. I’m really thankful to have had the chance to represent Hong Kong, to fight for our dreams and to prove ourselves. It wasn’t easy, and we really had to fight for it, but with trust and confidence in each other, we made it, hand-in-hand, step-by-step. Dreams do happen when we believe!”